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Assessments, mentorships and teacher training courses


To be eligible to take the assessment to become a certified IYENGAR® Yoga Teacher a signed recommendation from an authorised teacher member of the AEYI is required.

It is important to understand that to become a yoga teacher is a natural vocation that can awaken in a yoga practitioner, however, before considering becoming a teacher one must first focus on and become mature in one’s own practice.

When sincere practice awakens the vocation to teach, the student can consult with their teacher or contact the Association to find a mentor who can guide them in this process.

If you are not already practicing with a teacher recognised by RIMYI, we urge you to contact the Association who can help you to find a teacher in your area.


A mentorship is an indefinite period during which the mentor instructs the student in a personal way in the art of teaching, until they consider the candidate prepared for the assessment.

No candidate can present themselves for assessment. The recommendation of the teacher is an essential requirement.

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Teacher Training Courses

For some time now the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) is emphasising the importance of the mentorship process, more than teacher training courses, although this format still exists as an alternative to mentorship.

However, it is important to understand that participation in an IYENGAR® Yoga teacher training course is not a pre-requisite for the assessment.

The entry requirements for an IYENGAR® Yoga teacher training course, lasting three years, are:

Iyengar Teacher training courses and diplomas not recognised by the RIMYI

Due to the advertisements regarding unofficial (not recognised by the RIMYI) teacher training courses and diplomas of Iyengar Yoga, the AEYI wishes to clarify that:

  • The possession of a certificate issued by the RIMYI does not, on its own, guarantee the recognition by the RIMYI of the status of “IYENGAR® Yoga teacher”. This recognition demands that the certificate is kept in force through certain requirements. In Spain only the teachers that appear in the Official List of the AEYI are authorised to use the trademark IYENGAR® and the international logo of IYENGAR® Yoga Teachers (shown here), which distinguishes them as authorised by the RIMYI to teach IYENGAR® Yoga.
  • In Spain the Assessment & Teacher Training Standing Committee (CEEF) of the AEYI, was created to ensure the quality of the teaching given under the denomination IYENGAR®.  Only this body has the authorisation of the RIMYI to hold assessments for IYENGAR® Yoga Teachers. On passing the assessment, this committee, in the name of the AEYI, grants the status of IYENGAR® Yoga Teacher, whilst the RIMYI issues the final corresponding certificate.
  • In Spain, the capacity to be mentors and direct teacher training courses in IYENGAR® Yoga is limited to those teachers who, complete the qualifications and certificate level demanded by the RMIYI, and are therefore authorised by the CEEF of the AEYI.

If you wish to be an IYENGAR® Yoga Teacher, you must first have a certain maturity in the practice of IYENGAR® Yoga. For this we recommend that you contact a certified teacher from the Official List of AEYI teachers. Your teacher will give more details on the mentoring process, teacher training courses, and the conditions necessary to undergo assessment.

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